Jordemoderhuset fødselsforberedelse

We in Jordemoderhuset are proud to offer a special class for english speaking couples.


The course is the same as is being taught to our Danish speaking clients, with an extra special focus on the Danish hospital system, traditions and culture in regards of pregnancy, childbirth and the post partum period.


The course will guide you and your partner through:


  • The stages of labour , early labour signs, what to do while still at home, going to the hospital, waters breaking etc., active birth, fetal monitoring
  • Pain relief in labour. Both analgesic drugs, epidural and non-pharmacological forms of pain relief.
  • Induction and interventions in birth.
  • Breathing and relaxation tecniques,
  • Movement and positions for giving birth.
  • The first days and weeks at home.
  • The partners role during birth.
  • And much more….


We are looking forward spending a nice day with you and your partner.


The course will be taught by an experienced midwife ( Birth etc.)


Please sign up for a day approx. 3-7 weeks before your due date.

Reduction of 30% with membership of Sygeforsikring Danmark. But for birth preparation its 150 kr.



“You can easily talk about your doubts or expectations and get clear explanations and tips…after the course my husband and I feel more confident and ready for the incoming journey. So we strongly recommend any couple to book this antenatal class!”

Vanna and Marco


“…A lot of the tips and tricks we talked about came in handy and that BEAN BAG was my life saver in the end. Most of all, just trusting myself and the natural process is what i took from me with from our session and what guided me through it. Anyway, thanks again”

Karola and Claus

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Remember that 1 ticket is for you AND your partner. There are two different prices.
The more expensive price is for new customers to Jordemoderhuset, and the cheaper one is for already clients of the house.

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