Postnatal Visit

Postnatal Visit


If, after giving birth, you wish a postnatal visit we will be happy to pay you a visit.


It might be right after giving birth or a few weeks later. It is completely up to you and your needs.


The postnatal visit might include talking about:

  • Breastfeeding – techniques and positions
  • Advice regarding the milk coming in which is often the time you might experience difficulties
  • Advice regarding sore and cracked nipples and/or difficulties related to breastfeeding
  • A talk about the general well-being of mother and baby
  • A talk about your birth
  • Postnatal check
  • Newborn examination
  • A talk about vitamins/supplements for mother and baby
  • Checking that the uterus has contracted appropriately
  • Checking perineal tears
  • A talk about bleeding


At the time of the visit we can also do the PKU-test so you don’t have to go into hospital afterwards (48-72 hours after giving birth)


The price for the PKU-test is 350 Danish Kroner and is only done in conjunction with the postnatal visit


If you live outside of Copenhagen a driving fee will be added to the price of the visit. Feel free to phone us to enquire further about the price


Price for a postnatal visit: 2500 Danish Kroner

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