3D/4D Baby Scan

In Jordemoderhuset we offer 3D/4D Baby Scan.

We only have trained and experienced midwives in our ultrasound staff.

You will receive both pictures in black and white and in pictures, to show to family and friends.

The 3D/4D baby scan includes:

  • Baby growth scan with weight estimation
  • Gender- If You wish for this
  • Placenta position
  • Amount of amniotic fluid
  • Position of baby

3D/4D pictures can be made during the entire pregnancy.

BUT, for the best pictures, the scan should be made between week 26+0-31+0.

If, for some reason, it is not possible for us to get pictures of Your babys face- We offer a FREE ekstra scan.

You will also receive a DVD with the entire 3D/4D baby scan and a DVD with selected pictures.

Practical info:

  • Best pictures: week 26+0-31+0
  • Duration: We book 45 minutes for the 3D/4D baby scan, this includes burning of the DVDs.
  • Price: 1100 kr.

We welcome Your family and friends to participate at the scan. Children are also very welcome.



Eksempel på billede taget i 3D/4D HD.
Jordemoderhuset scanninger

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