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Jeg mindes min fødsel som en overvældende, kraftfuld og meget smuk oplevelse.

— Lone ( førstegangsfødende)

Classes at Jordemoderhuset

We offer Birth Prep in English, Breastfeeding courses, Private Birth Prep and Online Birth Prep.

Intensive all day class
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Breastfeeding Course
Private Birth Prep
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Online Private Birth Prep

We in Jordemoderhuset are proud to offer a special class for english speaking couples.


At Jordemoderhuset we offer a 2 ½ hour breastfeeding class which prepares you and sets you up to a good and well-functioning period of breastfeeding.


Private Birth Prep at the clinic our in the privacy of your own home.

Private Birth Prep online.

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Private Midwife at Jordemoderhuset

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