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Nice place to go to…

Nice place to go for birth preparation.

They are nice and caring and the combination of first yoga and then the midwifery lesson worked really well for me.

I felt my body first and then my head was ready to take in information.
Warmest recommendation from here.

Great service, thank you.
I have since visited Jordemoderhuset several times during my pregnancy.
I have had a pregnancy massage, gender scan, security scan, breastfeeding course, and acupuncture, and every single time I have received the best service, advice, and treatment.
I am giving birth for the first time and the treatments with you have given me so much peace and security.

Perfect place for calm and support
A really nice place where you are met, supported, and guided.

Have tried both acupuncture for childbirth and the breastfeeding course.

Both parts have been a really good experience and have given me courage for both birth and breastfeeding.

Birth preparation at Jordemoderhuset

Having been around since 2010, we know a thing or two about birth preparation. We have taught hundreds of women and couples over the years.

Choosing a birth preparation course at Jordemoderhuset gives you a concrete class focusing on mental strategies and active birth.

A course that strengthens your confidence and acceptance of the birth and helps you stay focused.

Included in the course are the Midwives’ audio files with breathing techniques and relaxation, as well as our birth preparation material.

We look forward to seeing you.

Private Midwife at Jordemoderhuset


This unique package solution is for you who want to be followed closely by the same midwife throughout your pregnancy. It is for you who do not want to “start over” every time you go for a consultation, but want a midwife who knows you/your needs, and your/your situation.

Over ten years, we have experienced that this service provides optimal security and preparation throughout pregnancy and for birth and parenthood.

Scanningspakker hos Jordemoderhuset

Hos Jordemoderhuset tilbyder vi 2 scanningspakker, som alle indeholder:
– tidlig scanning / tryghedsscanning 
– 1 kønsscanning 
– 1 stor 3D/4D scanning