Massage after birth

Massage after birth

At Jordemoderhuset, massage after birth is provided by midwives and student midwives experienced with both delivery and the postnatal period.

Therefore, you can ask questions and get advice and guidance regarding your postnatal period.

Massage, besides being extremely luxurious, is also beneficial in several ways:

Nice to know 

You can combine the massage after birth with other treatments (acupuncture/ reflexology/rebozo massage).

These combinations need to be booked via phone on tel: 33337111.

You can have a massage as soon after giving birth as you need it. 

We only use organic oils of a high quality and you can, if you wish, combine your treatment with different ointments and gels with therapeutic abilities. Unscented oil can be used if you wish.

Price: 735 ,- / 60 minutes