Breastfeeding counselling at home

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It is our experience that many questions arise when you come home from hospital. Many mothers today need help and support with breastfeeding. Partly because it is completely normal to have a difficult start where many questions arise and partly because families today are discharged from hospital sooner. This means that the advice and guidance, which is a natural need in the process of starting and establishing breastfeeding – and which previously had a high priority in the public health service – is no longer available in the same way.


This means that most families are discharged from hospital before the milk has come in and our experience is that this is when you need the most help and support.


When you are a new mum and you don’t know if you are doing things right and/or you have been given conflicting advice, you often need good advice and ideas. Maybe you had a bad experience with breastfeeding previously. Other times the need is more specific because there is uncertainty about the amount of milk, whether the suckling technique is correct, whether the baby has gained enough weight, expressing, mastitis, thrush on the nipples and several other completely normal problems which require help and guidance


We as midwives and postnatal nurse have a lot of experience with breastfeeding and newborns. We offer professional help and assistance and support and guidance regarding breastfeeding positions, techniques and suckling techniques which is so important for successfully establishing breastfeeding. This is not least an important factor in making the first time with your baby peaceful and secure. This will also give you a more content baby who therefore cries significantly less.


Are you a member of the private health insurance company “Danmark”

30% reimbursement of midwife services


Jordemoderhuset offers different types of breastfeeding counselling:

Breastfeeding Counselling:

Counselling by a midwife at Jordemoderhuset



Breastfeeding Visit:

Breastfeeding visit at home when you need it. We are often able to come for a visit at short notice.

Breastfeeding Package:

A course over the first 14 days after birth. We do 2 home visits of 2 hours duration each and offer a daily phone call the first week. After that counselling over the phone as needed.

Call or write for booking an appointment or further questions



Breastfeeding Counselling

  • Breastfeeding counselling at home, approx. 2 hours: 2500 Danish Kroner
  • If you live outside of Copenhagen a driving fee will be added to the price
  • If the visit exceeds 2 hours the supplement per hour commenced: 200 Danish Kroner
  • Supplement per hour commenced, weekends/bank holidays: 300 Danish Kroner
  • “After Birth”-counselling, approx. 1 hour: 750 Danish Kroner
  • PKU-test in conjunction with a postnatal visit: 350 Danish Kroner
  • Counselling over the phone: 300 Danish Kroner

Breastfeeding Package

  • Two home visits of 2 hours duration each
  • Daily counselling over the phone for the first week
  • Counselling over the phone as needed during the first 3 weeks
  • Price: 6500 Danish Kroner

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