Membrane Sweep


At Jordemoderhuset we offer to do a membrane sweep as part of gently ripening the body for labour – either with acupuncture or on its own


We offer membrane sweeps after 40+0 weeks gestation


A membrane sweep is one of the tools midwives can use if the woman wants to try to accelerate labour.


Before we do the membrane sweep we palpate the stomach to estimate the position and weight of the baby. This is followed by an internal examination where we assess whether it is possible to do a membrane sweep.


If possible, the membranes surrounding the baby are loosened from the lower muscular segment of the uterus by doing circular movements and massaging the cervix. It may be associated with light discomfort for the woman but none for the baby.


This is followed by listening to the baby’s heartbeat as the woman relaxes for a short while. You may get light bleeding afterwards which is not dangerous in any way.

Price: Membrane sweep with no other treatments: 550 Danish Kroner

Membrane sweep with other treatment (massage or acupuncture): 250 Danish Kroner

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