Physiotherapy treatment after birth


Divided abdominal muscles (Rectus Diastasis) is a normal physiological condition that often occurs in connection with pregnancy. During pregnancy, the uterus grows and in this connection the long abdominal muscles move to the sides, so that space is created for the growing pregnancy.

For many women, these muscles gather by themselves in the weeks and months after giving birth, but for a group of women, the muscles don’t gather by themselves, but as a result of a number of potential genes.

About the treatment

You book an appointment for a preliminary examination. Here, our physiotherapist, who is specially trained in diagnosing and treating split abdominal muscles, will assess WHETHER you have this or not.

If you have split abdominal muscles, it is assessed HOW big this is and which treatment/training program makes sense.

Price: 450 DKK / 30 minutes

Follow-up treatments:

If you have been diagnosed with split abs, we will implement an exercise program for this. This program is always based on your individual needs and may therefore vary. There is also a difference between whether you want to be primarily responsible for the home training yourself or whether you want continuous supervision/guidance and assessment of how your shared abdominal muscles come together.

That is why we offer different types of follow-up treatments.

Depending on the degree of the split abdominal muscles, you should count on 2-6 treatments in 3-9 months.

PRICE: 750 DKK for an hour & 400 DKK for 30 minutes

Pain/ tension

If you suffer from pain and tension after giving birth, these can be remedied by physiotherapeutic treatment. These pains typically include the following but can also be localized elsewhere.

About the treatment

You book an appointment for a treatment. You can note in the comment field what your problem is about. For the examination, our physiotherapist will have a conversation with you and an examination of your problem. The treatment usually consists of a mixture of manual therapy and exercises that you take home. We use a journal system which means that you receive the exercises on paper, so that you can use them at home.

Price: 450 DKK for 30 minutes

Abdominal check

After giving birth (whether it took place vaginally or by cesarean section), many women find that they either want a “check” of their abdomen. Either because they experience discomfort or more simply as a check that everything is as it should be.

Below are examples of symptoms/genes you can have after birth.

About the treatment

You book an appointment for a treatment. If necessary, write in the comment field what it is about (symptoms, etc.). The examination consists of an interview and a gynecological exam. After the examination, you will be instructed in exercises you can do at home. You receive these exercises in paper form, which you can take home. In the case of specific problems, follow-up treatment may be necessary.

Price: 450 DKK for 30 minutes


If you have any questions about the treatment, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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