Abnormality Scan

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This scan is called a Type 2 scan. It is a diagnostic scan equivalent to the one you would be offered through the public health service. At an abnormality scan the baby is assessed thoroughly via 2D scanning. The focus is making sure all the organs are present and the baby looks healthy.


The ultrasound midwives at Jordemoderhuset are certified to perform this type of scan and are all very experienced.


Different reasons to choose to have an abnormality scan done at Jordemoderhuset:

  • You are unable to have the scan at the time you have been given through the public health service
  • You have already had the abnormality scan but feel some things need clarification
  • You have already had a scan with us, for example an early scan, and would like the same midwife to do the abnormality scan.


Regardless of your reasons you are always welcome to contact for more information about our offers




Price: 1500,- / 45 min.

Nice to know

  • Practical information
    • Can be done from 18+0 until 22+0 weeks gestation
    • For a twin pregnancy the duration 1 hour 15 minutes however the price  is only 2000 Danish kroner
  • At these scans it is possible to do part of the scan in 3D/4D if you wish

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