Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage

Jordemoderhuset offers excellent wellness massages for pregnant women.

The massage we offer is a gentle wellness massage focusing on the pregnant body.

We offer a full body massage, which can be adjusted to focus on specific areas.

5 good reasons to have a pregnancy massage:

Complete self-indulgence before birth

At Jordemoderhuset, the massage is performed on a specially constructed pregnancy couch to ensure comfort.

All our masseuses are specially trained in pregnancy massage. We use organic oil, scented or unscented, according to your wishes. We also have a selection of caring and healing ointments that can be used after the massage.

We use products from Weleda, Naturdrogeriet, and Rømer Natur Produkt.

Nice to know 

Sparkling clean towels and sheets are provided for each customer. We use a professional laundry (perfume-free) for an indulgent and luxurious experience. We have flexible appointments, including both day- and evening appointments.

Price: 735 DKK / 60 minutes