Get your own private midwife for the duration of your pregnancy

Have the same midwife throughout your pregnancy


See the same midwife at each consultation and have a relaxing pregnancy


By choosing the “Private Midwife”-package you get:

  • The same midwife throughout your pregnancy
  • Optimal feeling of security throughout the 9 months
  • Free entry to our Birth Preparation class.
  • 1x pregnancy massage
  • 2x maturation acupuncture ( from 37+0 )
  • Consultations suited to your working hours (usually 8-10 consultations though this varies from one person to the next)
  • No waiting
  • The possibility to get in touch with your own midwife throughout your pregnancy
  • All consultations planned at the beginning of your pregnancy if you wish
  • No further work for you – we will communicate with both the hospital and your general practitioner if necessary
  • Free well-being scan when needed
  • The option to buy postnatal visit/breastfeeding counselling by your own midwife


Price: 16.995 Danish Kroner

Call the cllinic for more information and to book your first apointment.

You will also get reimbursed through the health insurance company “Danmark” if you choose “Known Midwife”


Give us a call on 3333 7111

Not included in the package:

  • Nuchal translucency scan and blood test
  • Abnormality scan

These can be bought with a 10% discount. Ask your midwife.


We usually recommend starting after you have had the translucency scan. But if you wish to start earlier, that is off course possible.


You’ll just give us a call, and we’ll book you in for a consultation with a midwife. The rest, we plan as we are going along.


Its primarily Rikke and Lea that takes care of our private clients.


We usually book about 8 to 10 consultations during a pregnancy.

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