Consultation with a Midwife


A consultation with a midwife includes:

  • Abdominal palpation (estimating the baby’s weight and position)
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Checking the urine for sugar and protein
  • Listening to the heartbeat. It is possible to do a scan to check the baby’s position and the amount of amniotic fluid-
  • Conversation


You can choose between two different types of consultation; ½ hour: 550 Danish Kroner. 1 hour 795 Danish Kroner

You might wish to see a midwife for several reasons:
  • You feel the visit with your public midwife is too far away
  • You wish to be seen on the day and it is not possible in the public health system
  • You have a particular issue which you wish to address

A member of Health Insurance “Danmark” ?

You get a 30% reimbursement on services provided by midwives

Call 33337111 to book or for more information about your options.


  • Rikke Farnum

  • Lea Toft

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