Physiotherapy treatment during pregnancy

During pregnancy, many people experience discomfort and pain in the body. The affected hormonal balance, combined with weight gain and changed posture, are the primary reasons for this.

About the treatment

You book an appointment for the first consultation. Here, our physiotherapist will examine your problem and assemble a program of beneficial exercises you will take home. You get instructions for exercises to take home in paper form, with active QR codes, so you can also watch videos of them.

Our physiotherapist will also assess whether the consultation should be combined with manual treatment.

So that you know, you can get a refund/subsidy for the treatment if you have private health insurance. The benefit is, of course, also eligible for reimbursement via Sygeforsikringen Danmark.

Price: DKK 750 / 45 minutes (first consultation)


If you have any questions about the treatment, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Mail: mail@jordemoderhuset.com

Tel: 3333 7111