Small pregnancy scan package

Small pregnancy scan package

This package contains 3 pregnancy scans

Price: 2.200 DKK (save 400 DKK)

It is possible to get 1 x subsidy from the Danish Health Insurance (Sygeforsikringen Danmark).

If you’d like to order this package, please write in the comment field that you want to buy the small package when ordering your first scan.


– The scanning package is not refundable
– The scanning package can be used for one year from purchase
– The scan package is personal and cannot be shared or transferred to another person

Got questions?

If you have any questions regarding the scan, please contact us via telephone or e-mail. 

Email: mail@jordemoderhuset.com

Tlf: 3333 7111


Under each scan type, you can see which weeks are ideal for carrying out various scans. You are always welcome to call us to learn more about the ideal time for a given scan.


We have a beautiful, large scanning room that accommodates up to 6 relatives. Children are, of course, more than welcome. However, very young children (under five years old) often cannot maintain concentration for very long.

Scanning is done using ultrasound waves. The signal is not always as sharp when it has to go through “padding.” We are, of course, interested in ALL the pregnant women who come to us to get the best photos at home. All the clinic’s scanning midwives are experienced, and we do what we can to ensure the best image quality.

It makes no difference to us whether the bladder is full or not.

All our sonographers speak fluent English and are used to explaining the scan images in English.

It is not always that the little one helps to lie in a way so that we can see the gender. If this happens, we will book a new appointment – free of charge.

Our sonographers are all experienced in distinguishing between healthy pregnancies and those with abnormalities. We must refer to further investigations at a hospital if we find something that needs further investigation.

Fantastic treatment! The employees are always so welcoming and you really feel comfortable and at home! Been there 2 times during the pregnancy, with Vibeke, and she is fantastically engaged and dedicated to her work!!! You feel really safe!