Reflexology in Pregnancy


Reflexology is a method of treatment which uses pressurization underneath the feet. It can be used to both treat discomfort and ripening prior to birth.


The reflexologist at jordemoderhuset is RAB registered which is why the cost is partly reimbursed by Sygeforsikring Danmark. You can either book an appointment purely for reflexology or a combination which includes both reflexology and a massage – the obvious choice if you want a massage as well as a treatment



Treatment of discomforts:

  • Nausea
  • Pelvic pain
  • Sciatica pain
  • Swollen and restless legs
  • Water retention/ edema
  • Constipation and haemorrhoids


Ripening prior to birth:

  • Treatments can be started from 37+0 weeks gestation


In many cases you can get instructions on how to stimulate certain points at home to prolong the effect of the treatment


Duration: One treatment lasts approx. 1 hour


675,- / 60 min. (treatment of pregnancy discomfort)

695,- / 60 min. (Cervical ripening before labour – 1. visit)

650,- / 60 min. (Cervical ripening before labour – following visits)

Christina Soriano

Zoneterapeut & massør

  • Uddannet zoneterapeut fra Den Danske Zoneteraputskole i Herlev
  • RAB registreret
  • Mor til tre


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