Post natal Examination


Postnatal Examination by a midwife


At jordemoderhuset we offer an examination AFTER giving birth


The examination may include:

  • Examining whether the uterus has contracted appropriately after birth
  • Examining the scar after a cesarean section
  • Examining the breast and nipples
  • Checking perineal tears after birth
  • Counseling about pelvic floor exercises
  • Counseling about caring for perineal tears
  • Care of the scar after a cesarean section
  • Postnatal exercises


Have your partner or friend/relative to take you baby for a walk while you have the examination. You are welcome to breast- or bottle feed in our clinic BEFORE your appointment so feel free to come before your appointment starts. We will obviously refer to other health professionals such as physiotherapists and gynaecologists if we find anything deviating from the normal.


The examination should NOT replace the 8-week postnatal examination with your own general practitioner but should instead be considered as a supplement to this or an opportunity to be seen BEFORE or AFTER this examination. After the examination you will receive a file describing our findings


Price: 750 Danish Kroner for 1 hour

Call our clinic to book an apointment.

Telephone: 3333 7111

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