At Jordemoderhusets Ultrasound Clinic we do many early scans so have a lot of experience with these types of scans. We offer them from as early as 5+0 weeks gestation


This scan will allow us to see whether the pregnancy has implanted correctly in the uterus and the beating of the heart (heartbeat not until week 6+0 onwards)

We will also give a qualified evaluation of how far along in your pregnancy you are if you are unsure.

Our ultrasound midwives are highly educated and very experienced in performing early scans. This is your assurance that you will get a professional and qualified evaluation of your pregnancy

The very early scans (before week 10) are performed vaginally. After 10 weeks gestation it is possible to offer early scans abdominally. This will be evaluated by the ultrasound midwife.

Our ultrasound midwives are all experienced in performing vaginal scans and it will be done pain free and respectfully as we know this is not a situation everyone feels comfortable with. We offer a comfortable couch for you to lie on where you do not, as with traditional gynaecological couches, put your legs in stirrups. With us you rest your heels in mini-stirrups which most women find more comfortable.

Practical Information:

  • Can be performed from 5+0 until 13+6 weeks gestation
  • Price 500 Danish kroner. At your first early scan you always receive a gift voucher which means any subsequent early scans you may decide to purchase will only cost you 350 Danish kroner
  • You will get pictures to take home
  • We do not offer free re-scans for this type of scan
  • Hjerteblink?

  • Hjerteblink kan som regel ses fra ca. 6+0. Vi kan dog ikke garantere det, da det kan være, at du ikke er helt så langt henne som du tror.

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