Rebozo Massage

Rebozo means scarf or shawl and is a central American massage technique which works in several different ways.


  • By rocking the pelvis any tension in the uterus is released. This relieves pain especially in the pelvis and the lower back
  • When tension in the uterus is released the baby is more likely to position itself advantageously in the pelvis
  • This increases the chances of an easier birth with less painful contractions
  • You will experience a deep feeling of relaxation which has a general relaxing and de-stressing effect


Our rebozo massage is done EXCLUSIVELY by midwives. All our midwives are experienced in using the rebozo techniques from births and have completed training in rebozo and rebozo massage.


Practical information:

Arrive a few minutes before your appointment starts. Wear comfortable clothes. The massage primarily takes place on a mat and on the floor with a large pilates ball. The final massage takes place on a pregnancy massage table. All rebozo massage starts with short examination where we listen to the baby’s heart beat and assess your baby’s position in the uterus. The massage may be finished with 10 minutes of traditional massage for added relaxation.


Price: 750 Danish Kroner. Duration: 45 minutes (including palpation of the abdomen and listening to the heart beat)

This service must be booked by phoning the clinic on 33337111


The health insurance “Danmark” does NOT provide reimbursements for this type of treatment