Ultrasound scan and NIPT test

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When you choose to an ultrasound scan at Jordemoderhuset you choose the best possible quality, both regarding our booking service, the midwife performing the scan and the scanning equipment we use


When you book your appointment with us you can do it through our reliable online booking service. If you have any questions regarding the scans or if you are unsure as to which type of scan you want, you are welcome to contact our clinic via telephone or e-mail. We want you to have the very best experience from start to finish.

Scanning Equipment:

We have invested in one of the best and most up-to-date ultrasound machines on the market. This is your guarantee of the best quality available. We use a model called Voluson E6 which does both diagnostic 2D scans and the fantastic 3D and 4D scans.

The Voluson E6 produces high quality photos. Everyone who has a 3D or 4D scan will also get the opportunity to have their scan recorded onto a DVD, including sound, and watch it again at home.

We have recently started to offer the unique “Natural 3D/4D”. This technique gives the most lifelike pictures/film available on the market.

The Ultrasound Midwives

The midwives you meet in our Ultrasound scan clinic all have the experience required to give you a good quality experience. It requires a mix of education and experience to “read” and evaluate the pictures from a scan.


Gender scan:

Sometimes, due to the position of your baby in the womb, we are not able to determine the sex. We will do our best to be successful but if we are not we will offer to book a new appointment for you –  free of charge of course. Re-scans are only performed on weekdays.


If it is not possible to get a picture of your baby´s face, we offer a 15 minute re-scan where the focus will be getting a better picture of the face. The ultrasound midwife decides whether a re-scan should be booked. Free of charge of course. Re-scans are only performed on weekdays.




Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I have a scan?

In the menu section for each type of scan it tells you which week of your pregnancy is best for that scan. You are always welcome to phone us for further information regarding the ideal timing for any given scan.


May I bring my partner, family or children when I have the scan?


We have a nice and spacious ultrasound room which can seat 6 relatives. Children are more than welcome. However, small children (under 5 years of age) are often not able to stay concentrated for very long.


I am overweight. Will this impact on my scan?


A scan is performed through ultrasound waves. The signal is not always as good when it needs to go through “padding”. We obviously want every pregnant woman to leave with the best possible pictures. All the ultrasound midwives are very experienced and will do what they can to ensure the best quality of pictures.


Do I need to arrive for my scan with a full or empty bladder?


It makes no difference to us whether your bladder is full or not


Is it possible to get an ultrasound midwife who speaks other languages than Danish?


All our ultrasound midwives speak English fluently and they are used to talking about- and explaining the details of the scan pictures in English


Am I guaranteed to find out the sex of the baby at a gender scan?

Sometimes the baby has positioned itself inside the womb in such a way that we are unable to determine the sex. If this is the case, we will book a new appointment for you free of charge.


What happens if everything is not the way it should be?


Our midwives are experienced and able to distinguish between a normal, healthy pregnancy and one which deviates from normal. If we find any deviations it is our duty to refer you for further examinations at a hospital.


Why do you examine the stomach with your hands before you scan?


It is difficult for midwives to keep their hands off a nice pregnant belly!


Furthermore, we want to use our hands to give you the best possible evaluation of the progress of your pregnancy, such as amniotic fluid and the baby’s weight.  We feel that this is best achieved by using a combination of the modern technology provided by the ultrasound scan as well as the traditional art, experience and “craftsmanship” of midwifery.


Sometimes the pregnant woman will have questions regarding Braxton Hicks contractions etc and in this case our hands are the best tool to evaluate the uterus.


Why choose the ultrasound clinic at Jordemoderhuset?


There are several good reasons to choose the ultrasound clinic at Jordemoderhuset.


All of our ultrasound midwives are certified to perform diagnostic scans and all have the experience required to “read” the pictures they see on the screen. Besides this we have chosen to make a clinic which we hope will provide you with an experience out of the ordinary at our nice and cosy premises.


What is unique about our ultrasound clinic is the fact that when you have a scan here you automatically become a part of everything we offer in Jordemoderhuset – the only place in Copenhagen where you can also buy pregnancy products, have a scan, do pregnancy yoga, have antenatal checks with a midwife, pregnancy massage and all the other things we offer


3D/4D Scan

At Jordemoderhusets Ultrasound Clinic we offer scans with the new technique: Natural 3D/4D


This technique offers amazing and incredibly lifelike pictures.


With the natural 3D/4D scan you will get a unique opportunity to see your baby and get some nice pictures/film to take home to show your friends and family.


During the scan we assess:

  • The sex of the baby – if you wish to know. Remember to inform the ultrasound midwife if you DO NOT wish to know the sex of your baby
  • The baby’s weight
  • The baby’s position in the womb
  • The location of the placenta
  • The amount of amniotic fluid

The scan includes:

  • A thorough scan by an experienced ultrasound midwife who is also able to answer any questions you may have
  • Several good, printed black and white pictures
  • Several good printed colour pictures
  • A DVD of the entire scan with sound which you can watch again at home. DVD of approx. 25 min. duration
  • An experience you can share with your partner and/or relatives

Special Circumstances about 3D/4D scans:

  • The quality of the pictures varies according to the gestation. It is possible to do this type of scan throughout the pregnancy, but the chance of getting good pictures is highest between weeks 24 to 33 when there is still plenty of amniotic fluid and the baby has a rounded “look”. The optimal time is week 26 to 29.
  • Sometimes it is not possible to produce completely perfect pictures of your child as it depends on a number of factors beyond our control. Even though it is often possible, there is no guarantee that it will be possible to film whole sequences of all scans. However, most people still find having the scan and seeing their baby is an amazing experience

If it is not possible to produce nice pictures of the baby’s face, we unfortunately do not offer a re-scan. If you want this to be guaranteed you need to book the 3D/4D Large Scan

Practical Information:

  • When: Weeks 24-33 gestation, but best pictures during weeks 26-29
  • Time: 30 minutes (The duration of the scan includes producing the DVD, record keeping and printing the pictures)
  • Price: 900 Danish kroner

Please inform us of your due date when you book the scan

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