Doppler Scan (Flow)

A doppler scan involves making different measurements of the fetus and doing a weight estimation. We examine the blood flow in the umbilical cord in order to make an assessment of the functionality of the placenta.


Assessing the well being of the baby also involves examining one of the large brain arteries and measuring the amount of amniotic fluid with a calculation of the AFI-index


This is a very detailed and thorough scan which gives a comprehensive overview of the baby´s well-being. This scan is particularly aimed at those women who have previously had a baby with complications or who have been given information earlier in this pregnancy which has given them cause for concern. As always, the hospital will be contacted if any abnormalities are detected


Please note that this scan can only be booked via telephone


Practical Information
• Can be done from 22-42 weeks gestation
• Duration 45 minutes
• Price 1400 Danish kroner

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